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Why does it take so long to get out of Alaska’s Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage?



Why else?

But to swing by the kaleidoscopic segments of museum-style attractions where over 5 million passengers skip through yearly.  And since the lively hub is never closed for snow, you’ll want to have your journal and camera ready even before you step outside!


5134-0310H2 Just On Time

Ted Stevens International Airport Anchorage Alaska


If your journey to “The Last Frontier” places you at this airport, and it’s most likely it will, then be sure to secure some time for an introduction to Alaska’s cuisine, arts, wildlife, culture and their Native Eskimo and Russian heritage!


This is not your average-joe airport!

Alaska Muskoxen at Airport META cr 800x.

Muskoxen at Anchorage Airport


Here’s a pic I took of a young stocky Arctic mammal, the Muskox!  These Ice Age long-haired and curled horn animals were first brought to Fairbanks, Alaska in 1930 from Greenland.  More herds were brought over throughout time.  They are well adapted to Alaska’s rasping climate and diverse terrain; found grazing in dozens of boroughs as well as protected wildlife sanctuaries.


What’s on display??


♥ The 1964 Earthquake Robe

♥ The World Record Kodiak Brown Bear mount (near the Alaska Airlines Ticket Counter)

♥ The World Record Halibut mount (near B Gates)

♥ The Walrus Spirit driftwood, ivory and metal  hanging art

♥ The N3212 Fairchild 24G S/N 933 (Civil Aeronautic Authority Military Aircraft; up until 1948) hanging from the ceiling in the South Terminal near Gate C7

♥ The “From Here to There & There to Here” spruce wood flying Canadian Geese (by Rachelle Dowdy) gliding above you at Gate B4

♥ An array of “Untitled Tapestries” with 14 painted animals on carpets sprucing up the North Terminal walls

♥ An 180-Foot Long art pieced collage of Alaska landscapes hovering above windows.

♥ The Catch large red cedar Native painted panel of an Eagle by Nathan Jackson (above escalators between te B & C Concourses)

♥ The “Departure” collage of memories through a plastic and metal fragments display; representing stories and timelines as an Alaskan myth where you will use your imagination, scratch your head and return home with your own epic adventurous tales of Alaska. (Located in the South Terminal, Level 2 Concourse area)

Alaska Sports Hall Of Fame with exhibits from the legendary musher “Huslia Hustler” (across the parking garage entrance/South Terminal)

…and much more!!!

Alaska Native Wolf Mask

Alaska Native Wolf Mask


What else will you stumble upon?

Traditional dolls made of sealskin and glass beads, Native decorative carved canoes and paddles, sculptures, masks, more and more Alaskan wildlife mounts, doll and figure carvings, embellished drums and instruments, Eskimo baskets and pottery, bronzed statues of notables, paintings, murals, enticing restaurants and bars, more gift shops and plenty of on-the-go lower 48 passengers who are totally missing out on what’s there to discover before they hail that cab!



And an hour later….

David Alaska Terminal

David Alaska Terminal

While I snapped my first collage of photos to commence my Alaska holiday my brother-in-law, David, patiently stood by.  I instantly knew my moose-land adventure diary had begun!

It only took my first 2 weeks there to make that keen decision to return to Texas, pack up and move back!

Now let’s get into a smatter of why I took my first trip to Alaska!  The ventures through unspoiled wilderness, the captivating endless wildlife chances and opportunities to eyeball first hand it’s thunderous glaciers was first on my list!




As adventurous as I am, after living in this winter wonderland for over a year, my ultimate goal was to create a tantalizing photographic  journal.

I did just that!

This is what you expect to see while whisping in the snow in Alaska!

Mount Redoubt, Kenai, Alaska

Mount Redoubt Volcano, Kenai, Alaska

Between the pages of my memoirs and never-ending folders of photos, I hope you will please visit my TravelWITWIT “Alaska segment” often and tag along with my personal journey.  My wish is to inspire you to follow in my foot-steps for your Alaska Dream Vacation, too!


Just one more…..

Tanya With Silver Medal 2010

Tanya borrowing Julia Mancuso’s 2 Silver Medals Downhill in 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Nice picture of me with gum in my mouth while excited to meet Julia Mancuso onboard my flight to Anchorage!

Couldn’t believe she actually let me drape it over my neck!

And…it was heavy!!

You never know who you will meet while your’e out there in the world!







My synopsis!

Alaska is unequal to visiting other USA States or Countries around the globe.  Each moment arranges a colorful experience!  The “Last Frontier” offers an array of Russian traditions and diverse Native cultures. For the nature lovers you will find yourself in a Winter Wonderland full of boundless depths of mountains, forests, glaciers and flowing rivers.  A day never passed where I didn’t see a bald eagle or moose nipping for a brunch; the wildlife is abundant!  Stay in a cabin by the inlets or book your room at a 4-Star Resort, no matter where you stay you’ll find yourself wanting to anchor here forever!

Valuable Info:

Ted Stevens International Airport ~ Anchorage, Alaska

♦ List of Domestic Arline Information

♦ Julia Mancuso ~ Olympic Champion Skier

Alaska Sports Hall Of Fame

If you are interested my photography above:

Calm Splendor

Just On Time (Blue photo: #5134-0310H2)

Just On Time (Digitally Painted photo #5134W-0310)

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