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A Day At The Spa!


Summer is here! As you begin planning for your special getaway to a faraway island of paradise, stocking up on polka dot bikinis and colorful decorative sandals, don’t just get a simple pedicure or manicure.  Treat yourself to a full body, facial and hair transformation!

Ogle School Denton Texas & 2017 Ogle School FACE OFF Palladium Ballroom

Ogle School ~ Denton, Texas

It’s one thing to make an appointment at the same ol’ same ol’ shop you normally spend your paycheck at versus indulging yourself amid a dedicated circle of persons who exhibit oomph and zing while treating you like a King or Queen for the day!

Ogle School won’t zap your bank account.

In fact they offer specials and rewards for your patronage.  I walked away spending way less than 100 buckaroos for my Hair Color, Hair Cut & Style, Signature Facial, Hand Paraffin Wax, Upper Lip Wax along and with fresh bottles of  Wella Brilliance Shampoo & Conditioner and Sebastian Thickery Foam!

Ogle School Denton Texas & 2017 Ogle School FACE OFF Palladium Ballroom


That’s me!

Prior to my Signature Facial I completed an in-depth personalized questionnaire and discussed my health and skin sensitivities with my Esthetician.



Did I make another appointment? You bet I did.

Treat yourself for that special trip or a new you

and save a bundle!

Check out Ogle School’s Service Guide and book your appointment or simply walk in for a memorable and rewarding day at the spa!

Ogle School Denton Texas & 2017 Ogle School FACE OFF Palladium Ballroom

MakeUp Artistry

Now let’s talk about the school.

My sister has decided to leave the medical and oncology field to pursue a more stimulating and thrilling cup of tea and career.  She helped me get an appointment with a 50%-OFF Coupon for my first visit!

While I spent the day having my rejuvenation, I purposely brought my Nikon to capture a more in depth scope of what Ogle School is all about!  I believe little sis made a wise decision!

If you have that soothing itch for a game changing livelihood, check this out!

Ogle School Denton Texas & 2017 Ogle School FACE OFF Palladium Ballroom





Practice Makes Perfect!















Professional Licensed Instructors are present to teach you all about the hair!  Styles, cuts, trends and colors!  The Students move into phases as they progress where there will always be a Tudor at their side while they are turning your usual style into an amazing hair day!  They study your face shape and hair texture while discussing your preferences!

I finally went for a new style with my long, long hair and tickled pink with how easy I can manage it now.  Sometimes you just gotta step out of the box!


Student Fun!


The Ogle School prepares and presents themed Fashion Shows throughout the year where as an Artist you can be as creative and original as you wish.  As a Client you might strut your stuff as one of their Models!

Rewarding careers are a polish and snip away as a full time or part time Student.  Fill your skill basket with all the Programs they have to offer!


Esthetics & Skin Care

Cosmetology & Make-Up Artistry

Hairstylist & Nail Care

Become a Salon or Spa Manager


Ogle School Denton Texas & 2017 Ogle School FACE OFF Palladium Ballroom


Join the Graduates!


Explore the quality education with a sparkling beauty career at 8 Texas Locations!

Ogle School Denton Texas & 2017 Ogle School FACE OFF Palladium Ballroom

8 Ogle Schools Across Texas

Schedule your appointment and pamper yourself or make a career decision!

Who knows, you might run into me at the Denton Campus!  My day at the spa was an exceptional experience for me since I am planning a full summer of travel.  I want to look my best…..

…..no more hairy legs or boring ponytails for me!


Ogle School

Hair ~ Skin ~ Nails

(940) 535-5642

 2324 San Jacinto Blvd #207, Denton, TX 76205


Check out my blog review for “Ogle School 8th Annual Face Off 2017”

If you are interested my photography above:

♦  Ogle Beauty School on SmugMug

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