To The Beach Snail LOGO600xPSHow many times have I been to Galveston?

Well, I’ve collected a bucket load of spiels, tales and blurbs to chronicle throughout my hundreds of trips to Galveston Island during my lifetime.

Today I want to concentrate on “Galveston Beach”!


Whistling Winds 4324A-TH-1024

Whistling Winds

The beach wouldn’t be the same without our flying feathered friends hovering over our snacks or swooning into the ocean waves making a splash of delight for us!

Feeding The Birds 4325-TH-0956

Feeding Frenzie 

Finding my way to Galveston Island after rescuing my nephew from the floods of Hurricane Harvey in the Lake Charles area, we spent the day relaxing and beach combing along the shore.  If you have ever thrown one frito in the sky, you know what it’s like to end up with hundreds of Seagulls and Sand Pipers nipping in the wind above you.  I took more than 100 photos of the flying birds, couldn’t help myself!


Its A Wave Day 4331-TH-1245

Young Boy Surfing Galveston Beach









But, on the other hand, a good ole’ run with your toys and boogie-boards in the warm Gulf Coast wavelets can churn up a healthy experience!  You can never get enough of the surf!  With the shallow waters you’ll find it quite safe for the little ones and on a more storm-coming day the taller waves attract the local bigger kids!  Surfing in Galveston is a popular treat for Texans all year round!

I have done the boogie-thing, rode the waves with my skinny body and have skied behind power boats where I drank too much salt water during the experience.

All in all, while visiting Galveston be sure to play some in the waves!

Tides Of Time 4323A-TH-0803

Relaxing in lounge chairs Galveston Beach

Now if you’re after a more relaxing experience,  it’s nice just to roll out the beach chairs and create your own sweet session of peaceful solitude.  Listening to the dynamics of ocean waves with the wind blowing in your hair can truly heal your spirit and bring a sense of calmness to your life before heading back to the hustle & bustle of your busy life.


Playtime On Galveston Beach 4330A-TH-1222

Mom & Daughter playing Galveston Beach



Day after day families flock to the seacoast craving the inevitably ultimate vacation on the island.  Spawning unforgettable memories,  you too can build castles in the sand, splash in the waves and soak up the sunshine.  There’s plenty of beach for everyone!










I love it when you ask someone if you can take their photo and big smiles come across their face!  This precious little gal was surely enjoying a day with her Mother.


Oh My OP 4329A-TH-1186

Ocean Pacific Flip Flops on Galveston Beach

To Flip-Flop or Not!

That’s right.  It’s your choice.

Strolling barefoot along the sandy beach is a great idea not only to clear your mind, burn some calories and nab some natural Vitamin D boost, but it’s a means to save some bucks  at those spendy Spas while the wet and loose sand simply exfoliates those tuff toes and heels!  As soon as I told my nephew, Chris, this ~ off went the flip-flops!  And look what we found when we returned!


Ocean Friendly Seaside 4328A-TH-0907

The Dawn Condominiums and Grafitti on Galveston Beach Seawall Boulevard


I’ve always been attracted to the colors that blossom throughout coastal towns.  The beach homes, condos and storefronts are dripping in quintessentially themes of turquoise, bright tropical shades of peaches and limes and sprinkled with citrus cheer!

While most graffiti may tell a mecca story or detail a street-wise depiction of life in unusual comic or outcry mural form, the photo I took here shows a more informational quest to teach you the safety in watching the seafood’s destination from which you eat.  Hence, a Saving Wildlife styled mural and recommending to download the Seafood Watch App.  Their goal is to make you aware of sealife animals that are caught in fishing nets.

A Texas local artist, Mario Enrique Figueroa, Jr. (also known as GONZO247) has been a recipient of several Awards where he painted five murals to highlight the area’s wildlife and the threats and conservation work around them.  An action focus for beach-goers to take in saving wildlife is painted throughout each of his murals.

This mural can be found along the Seawall Boulevard between 69th Street and 73rd Street where the The Dawn Condominiums creates a colorful backdrop.

Seafood Watch App

Saving Wildlife Seawall Murals


Lifeguards Rule 4332-TH-1299

Lifeguard Galveston Beach


Here’s a Lifeguard who does not go home smelling like French fries or spilled coke from a normal school-age grind!  His job is a bit tougher than you would think!  Looking at bikinis all day, soaking up the sun for that golden tan and stretching his eyes as far as he can to ensure no one is in danger; just part of his work load.




And, seriously, we are most certainly glad Galveston provides these well trained CPR Certified peeps not just for emergency sakes and keeping people from drowning, but to remind everyone to follow the rules of the beach.   (Notice all the signs posted?)  If you are planning a trip to the beach with small children, anyone who might need special attention for various reasons it would be a good idea to find your spot for the day near one of these fellows!



Catch And Release 4326A-TH-0888

German Shepherd & Sand Piper Galveston Beach



Galveston Beaches are pet friendly! 

We took To-To with us on this trip and I am sad to say this was her last beach adventure since at the age of 19 years of wonderful years with me.  (No Photo of To-To available yet)

While we sauntered among the bubbling foam and streams of slow tides along come a scene I rushed to photograph!  What a beauty this German Shepherd was to watch and I caught him just as a Sand Piper appears to make no mind to his splashing!

I know it’s best to keep your pets on a leash, but sometimes you just have to let them run and play!



Summer Wonder 4335A-TH-1315

Pleasure Pier Galveston Beach


A day in Galveston wouldn’t be the same without a drive-by or the purchase of ticket to Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier!

I call this photo “Summer Wonder” because you can’t help but remember the wonderment of riding a carousel or dawdling along an ocean front boardwalk during a vacation or family day with your loved ones.

Pleasure Pier is packed with rides, dining and shopping adventures.  I was pleased to see that Hurricane Harvey only did minimal amounts of damage to the pier and I caught a photo of some of the workers as they readied the rides once again!

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier


Meet At The Spot 4334-TH-1309

Five Venues The Spot Galveston Beach Seawall Drive


I told you I wanted to focus on the beach for my blog blurb here, and while The Spot is a popular and premier beachfront dining and entertainment point, they boast that every seat in their (house) “hut” is the best view of the beach!  Enjoy the Gulf of Mexico while sprinkling lemon on their fresh locally caught shrimp, chomping down on their Award Winning Best Appetizers, sipping on their Ritas and hopping from one (house) spot to the next for a novel experience…

This venue was originally built from houses that were going to be torn down!  Make your plan and start your bounce at The Spot’s front entry to their Tiki Bar to their SideYard to their Rum Shack to their Squeeze’s outdoor courtyard.

For my moment here?  I stood on the beach and turned around to capture a memorable view of their enticing venue!  And, of course, later that evening we enjoyed their menu items and ocean front view!

The Spot!


4336A-TH-1307 In Memory Reflect

1900 Storm Memorial Galveston Texas


One of my main purposes to spend a couple more days in Galveston yet once again was to capture a photo of a bronzed sculpture and monument that has become legend for this Gulf Coast town; “1900 Storm Memorial”.  While I have photographed this amazing piece before I wanted to take special attention to it with a purpose to create a painting with the moon shining down on it from my photo.

(See my painting here!)


The monument is dedicated to victims as well as survivors of the 1900 Storm that took over 8,000 precious Galvestonian lives.  David Moore, the artist, is well famous for many more notable pieces found around the city.  He sadly moved on to Heaven in 2001 at the age of 80.  With the devastation of Hurricane Harvey at least we didn’t suffer this grieved amount of lives taken from the Great State of Texas.


Missed The Chair 4333-TH-1246

Sleeping Man On Galveston Beach


One more…

I guess he missed the chair?

To The Beach Snail LOGO600xPS

Quote Of The Day:

“Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”— Gustave Flaubert

Galveston Fine Arts Collage
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