Champ d’Or Texas Mansion

May I present to you the Champ d’Or Estate located in the heart of Texas, in Hickory Creek near Lewisville Lake.  The baroque French chateau was designed by Terry Bates (a Nashville architect) and inspired by Vaux-le-Vicomte of Paris.  The name is from the surname of Alan and Shirley Goldfield (CellStar Corp.) “Field of Gold”, who built the home in 2002.

Champ d’Or ~ Hickory Creek, Texas

This 48,000-square-foot mansion sits on 199 acres and built with $52 million, but now worth around $72 million or more. 

If you are wondering about the amenities, let me explode your mind with the scoop!  Beneath it’s 78-foot central dome spans a bowling alley, 18 bathrooms, home theatre, indoor swimming pool and spa, cedar-lined and tiled garage for 15 vehicles, 3 kitchens, French-silk-covered women’s powder room, 18-carat gold Sherle Wagner fixtures, 2 elevators, mirrored grand ballroom to host 150 guests, winding staircases, lavish chandeliers, pool room and a special gift wrap room.

Champ d’Or of course includes a royal master suite with its own spa, lap pool, a 2-story “closet of dreams” Chanel Store style of Paris and hair salon.  The 6 bedrooms have their own private bathroom.

The mansion is surrounded by an exquisite ornate wrought-iron fence protecting its lavish backyard waterpark with slides and tiki hut bars, waterfalls, 2 reflecting pools, tennis courts, pool house, racquetball court and a dreamy rooftop pool.  Enclosed on the property is their own private small pond.

The Goldfields’ have since auctioned it and the buyer turned around and auctioned it as well.  From what I have learned it is currently a wedding venue which holds events by Walters Hospitality; rebranding it as The Olana.  Parts of the land have been also sold, which leaves it now situated on 40-acres.  Further rumors state planning is underway for a lavish hotel and restaurant.

Being from Texas and with my love to explore deep in the heart, I was elated to spend a few hours photographing this lovely unique homestead of a mansion.  The interesting fact of the locale is astonishing to me since the chateau is surrounded by normal Texan folks living their usual lifestyles.  Off Interstate 35 North is a neighborhood Walmart, I-Hop, Micky-D’s and your garden variety of friendly suburb America folks. 

How to get there? Exit Turbeville Road from I-35 North and head west, my friends, if you want to check this out for yourself.  Drive a little further and you arrive at the shores of Lewisville Lake! 

Welcome to Texas!

Compare my original to my final edit!

As my followers know, I sell my artwork on my SmugMug platform but I may be making changes soon and moving to a few new sites. For you if you are interested in purchasing my Champ d’Or Fine Arts photo on canvas or other medians, click here! I welcome all comments.

Thank you! Tanya

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