I’ve been blessed throughout my life with many travels across the United States as well as several extraordinary countries.

Tanya Howard Google Bsn Profile 800x.

My love for curious touring and photography began as a child where my Father taught me how to capture lifetime memories through the lens of my camera.   I’ve kept a bucket full of chronicles and apologues neatly organized ready to share!

While I enjoy photography and post processing, I also love to
create art works, paintings and fine arts from my original works.

I currently keep 2 photography websites where you can ogle and drool, order prints and keepsakes, and read short stories behind every photo!  As I carry forward in exploring our living corners from castles to forests,

mountains to isles upon the briny deep and harbors to bundles of entertaining venues, the destinations I enumerate will color my portfolio.  The expansion of my condensed scoops will become featured here!

Tanya Elise' Howard

Tanya Elise’ Howard

 Tanya Howard on SmugMug (Shop Photography, Fine Arts & Keepsakes)

Tanya Elise’ Howard Photography & Graphics (shop and enjoy more travel)

BamPu Legacies (Virtual & Fantasy

Blogger & Designer since December 2012)

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I hope you enjoy my adventure!

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